PIKS Kitchen Monitor System

There are over 10,000 Logwood Kitchen Management screens installed. The ‘no nonsense’, inexpensive approach to the design coupled with extensive reporting via Email, Web and reporting suite has gained supporters across the hospitality industry. Logwood have now released the first part of a brand new collection of hardware and software that provides both exciting enhancements to existing systems and new systems based on all new PiKS hardware/software.

Improve the quality, consistency and speed of food service

The Logwood KS System reduces food service times by providing greater operational efficiency and immediate feedback of order times to staff. Reporting is provided to highlight long service times, service problems and even menu items that cause food preparation issues. Food service times are improved and customer complaints are reduced. Kitchens are quieter, less stressful and more efficient.

New Hardware

Recent advances in hardware for ‘the internet of everything’ has given Logwood the opportunity to change the KS system to use individual processors for each screen, without making everything too expensive. The PiKS system is based on the Broadcom BCM2836 ARM v7 Quad Core Processor running at 900MHz. It has 1GB RAM and an 8GB SD flash card. Measuring just 4cm x 6cm x 9cm and robustly packaged in stainless steel for the harsh kitchen environment. A 100Mbps Ethernet port provides communications with the rest of the system.

Reasons to look at a Kitchen Management System

Are your restaurants ever full to capacity with people waiting for tables?

Calculate the benefit of turning tables faster

Are you spending too much on kitchen staff?

Do kitchen staff complain about the impact of particular dishes on your kitchens?

Do your staff struggle with course timing?

Is your kitchen remote from your seating area, on a different floor perhaps?

Do you want to know your real, everyday kitchen performance, rather than just your mystery diner results?